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Bob E.Lee West is a singer songwriter born in Saskatchewan. Moving to Calgary at a young age, he found himself at 17 making a living playing music at teen dances, community centres, and various clubs. His music career has spanned more than 50 years and his songs have seen considerable airplay. In 1988 Bob E. Lee West and The Mainstreet Band won the prestigious Catch a Rising Star Contest, garnering the recording of the #1 Hit single "This old Freight Train". After 30 years with the Genius of producer Shane Connelly the album was remixed and Mastered, and renamed and released as "SideTracked". In 2014 the song "A Dangerous Game" from the Album "The Tree" was a #1 hit on the NCI FM Indigenous Music Countdown, and "The Tree" was nominated for Album of the Year. We are proud to announce the recent release of the album..."The Bob E. Lee West Project - Into The Fire". Now streaming on all major music platforms. Bob is still writing and recording, and resides at his ranch in northern Manitoba with his family, horses, dogs, and cat.

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